How to use the NaviBlind App (version 2.0)

Registration Procedure

If you're a new user of NaviBlind, you can sign up in the app as follows:

  • Click the "user information" button and then "sign up with AppleID".
  • Fill out the form with the necessary information. It's important to fill in all information, including address and phone number. This way, you will be registered in our user database.
  • Click the "create user" button to complete the sign-up.
  • Finally, allow access to notifications and location and data sharing with the developer (NaviBlind). This way, we can detect any errors and make corrections. We also use notifications to inform you when your routes are ready.

Search Field and Route Library

Now that you're registered and ready to use NaviBlind. When your routes are ready, you can access them in the following way:

  • Find the search field, which is the icon to the right of the "user information" button. Then you can enter one or more keywords for your search. Click the "search" icon afterwards, located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • To the right of the search field, you'll find the heading "my guides" and a list of all your private routes. Routes are sorted by your starting position and geographical location. The closest routes will appear first.
  • When you have reached the bottom of the list, you'll find the heading "public guides nearby". This indicates the public routes that all users have access to.

Ready for Route Guidance

When you're ready to take a route, select a route from the list, and turn on the device. Then, the app and the device will connect automatically. If it doesn't happen, you can use the "restart NaviCap" icon, located under "user information" on the app's homepage.

Once the app and the NaviCap are connected, the route instructions will start. This is indicated by the navigation voice saying "you are on the route". Additionally, you can see notifications for signal status and the device's battery level in the bottom right corner by swiping left from the "visual map" feature.

Features available during route guidance:

  • Visual map – can assist sighted individuals in unforeseen circumstances such as road work and more.
  • Current address – find out where you are on your route.
  • Repeat last message – have NaviBlind repeat instructions if you didn't catch everything the first time.

Sharing Routes

If you wish to share routes with other users of NaviBlind, you should do the following:

  • Position yourself on the route(s) you wish to share. For each route, double-click on the screen and leave your finger on the screen for 2-3 seconds. A submenu with the following items will then open:
  • Share this guide – use this function if you want to share a single route with the recipient.
  • Add this guide to share list – use this function if you want to share multiple routes with the recipient. An example could be a round trip between your address and a station.
  • If you choose to share a single route, you will proceed to the recipient field. Here, one or more email addresses of the user(s) who should receive your route can be entered. You can add more email addresses by clicking the icon "add e-mail to invitation list", located to the right of the address field.
  • You are now ready to share your route. This can be done by pressing the "send invitation" icon, located to the right of "add e-mail to invitation list".
  • If you want to share multiple routes, add all the routes to the invitation list as described above. Once all routes are added, you can find the invitation list by clicking the "share invitation" icon, located to the right of the "user information" icon at the top of the screen. Then follow the same sharing procedure as described in the previous sections.

NOTE – if you want to check if you've included all routes and email addresses in your invitation, you can verify this under the two headings located to the right of the "send invitation" icon. They are labeled "send invitation to" and "guides to share", respectively.

Enjoy! We hope you have great experiences with NaviBlind