Subscription and Trading Terms

This document describes the terms and conditions of subscription and trade, as well as contractual terms for the rental/subscription of products and/or services at NaviBlind ApS.

  1. Personal Information - Addition
  2. Subscription Terms
    1. Cancellation
    2. Complaints and Repairs
    3. Insurance
    4. Right of Withdrawal
    5. Returning
    6. Exceptions
    7. Changes
  3. Handelsbetingelser
    1. Trading Terms
    2. Ordering
    3. Online sale
    4. Delivery
    5. Payment
    6. Right of Withdrawal
    7. Consequential Damages
    8. Discrepancies
  4. Complaints
Personal Information - Addition

Information added when ordering products via the website will not be used for anything other than the purchase itself. The company only uses your address and your information for shipping the ordered product. However, your contact details will be used in case of any errors or questions regarding the purchase. Furthermore, your information will be used in case of any ongoing transactions. You can request the information we have registered about you at any time by simply contacting us.
For all matters regarding the GDPR regulation, please refer to our Privacy Policy which can always be found on the website.

Subscription Terms

The following agreements and conditions apply to subscriptions and rental of products and,or services at NaviBlind ApS.

A concluded subscription and/or rental agreement with NaviBlind ApS is termed as a subscription. Therefore, it is considered an ongoing agreement. Subscription to a product/service may not be made by persons under 18 years of age.

All entered subscriptions will have ongoing billing. Most often, the payment will be made annually. The annual payment will be considered as prepayment. Furthermore, there may be delivery costs when entering into a subscription.

Payment for a subscription is charged using the following methods:

  • For private individuals, a subscription is created in the NaviBlind app.
    In addition to NaviBlind's terms, Apple's terms also apply where NaviBlind.
  • For public entities, a subscription can be created via the website or by other inquiries. The first payment and the ongoing payment are made by invoicing via EAN.

NaviBlind notes that the subscribed service may include products that may be used equipment, which has undergone quality testing to ensure that the product works as intended and expected. At least the necessary equipment is provided, which enables the product to function

A subscriber must under no circumstances sublet/subscribe products, which are subscribed/rented from NaviBlind ApS, for payment, whether with or without profit.


The cancellation period is the current month plus three months. Upon cancellation, prepaid subscriptions for monthly periods that have been canceled are refunded.

The subscribed product must be received by NaviBlind before the end of the cancellation period for the cancellation to be valid.

Cancellation of a subscription must be made directly to NaviBlind ApS. It is recommended that the cancellation is made in writing, and email is used. Ensure to get a confirmation of the cancellation. Upon cancellation, it is the customer's responsibility to return the subscribed equipment to the company, in a safe manner. It is the customer's responsibility to prove that the subscribed equipment has been received by the company. It is advisable to use a courier that offers tracking (track & trace) and signature or digital confirmation upon delivery.

NaviBlind ApS may cancel an ongoing subscription on the same terms as the customer.

NaviBlind ApS reserves the right at any time to cancel an ongoing subscription with a day's notice in case of misuse. Misuse is understood as the subscriber not following the terms, e.g., not paying for the subscription. Upon cancellation made by the company, it is the subscriber's responsibility to return the product and accessories as soon as possible. If this does not happen, the company has the opportunity to involve additional entities, e.g., a lawyer or a bailiff. Further reference is made to section 2.8 Discrepancies under Trading Terms.

Complaints and Repairs

Complaints: Private customers have the right to complain throughout the subscription period.
The company provides a 3-month warranty to public customers from the day NaviBlind is put into use.

Repair: Faults and defects must be reported as soon as they are discovered / should have been discovered by the subscriber. See current terms under section 3 Complaints. Repair of a subscribed product must be done without significant inconvenience to the customer. A repair period is to be expected, during which the company examines and repairs the subscribed product. This period without the subscribed product is not compensated by NaviBlind.


If a subscribed product is lost or damaged, or otherwise rendered unusable, the customer is liable for compensation at the current new value. The new value of NaviCap (including power adapter, USB cable) is 7,500 DKK. It is recommended that the customer ensures that the subscribed product is insured with an insurance company, usually under Electronic Insurance, Supplementary Insurance, or similar. Contact your insurance company for further agreement.

Right of Withdrawal

Ved et abonnement har kunden 14 dages fortrydelsesret. Fortrydelsesretten starter den dag kunden modtager det abonnerede udstyr. Det fulde beløb krediteres. Ydermere gælder samme rettigheder som beskrevet i afsnit 2.6 Fortrydelsesret. Fortrydelsesretten gælder kun ved abonnementer indgået med privatpersoner.

Abonnenter indgået med eller gennem offentlige instanser sker uden fortrydelsesret.


The subscribed product and accessories must be returned to the company after the end of the subscription, as indicated in section 2.1 Cancellation. All parts must be returned. NaviBlind ApS reserves the right to charge extra for missing accessories or any other deterioration of value that does not relate to use and/or the period of time. This may result in the withholding of already paid amounts.


For all agreements, any Purchase or Trading Agreements with public institutions or private companies cannot be used for subscriptions.



Trading Terms

All prices on the website are stated including VAT, excluding delivery.</br> The price will always be in DKK (Danish Kroner). The company reserves the right to cancel a buyer's order due to typographical errors, technical problems, delivery failures, signs of fraud, and similar. The company reserves the right for typing errors, price errors, VAT and tax changes, sold-out and discontinued items, and delivery failures from our suppliers.

NaviBlind reserves the right to adjust prices.


When ordering services/products via the NaviBlind App, you accept our trading terms. After ordering, the buyer receives an order confirmation with information about the order by email. This order confirmation is merely a review of the order and confirmation that we have received your order. It is not a confirmation of a binding agreement. The company receives notification of the submitted order. The buyer receives a paid invoice by email after the approval process (for EAN payment, the invoice is sent via E-invoicing)

Online sale

It is considered a online sale when you order via the NaviBlind app. Applicable rights are subject to distance selling.



Payment for services/products ordered via the NaviBlind app is made via Apple and your AppleID. As a buyer, you are obligated to pay for the services or products delivered by NaviBlind ApS.
For EAN payments, the payment deadline is 14 days.

Right of Withdrawal

According to the Law on certain consumer agreements, the buyer has a 14-day return policy from the receipt of the item, provided the purchase is defined as a distance sale. If the item is returned in the same condition as when received by the buyer, it can be returned. The item must be returned in the original packaging. The price of the product and payment are refunded. The return shipment to the company is at the buyer's own expense when using the right of withdrawal. It is the buyer's responsibility to deliver the product to NaviBlind ApS, and thus the return process is at the buyer's risk.

The company recommends using PostNord or a similar courier company and their services. Please be aware that you bear the burden of proof in terms of whether packages arrive at the company's office. Therefore, it is always recommended to ensure that the package can be tracked (Track & Trace) and signed for upon receipt.

The right of withdrawal does not include items where use results in a reduction of the item's sale value.

Accessories, including software, that have been used, with a broken seal, are likewise not covered by the right of withdrawal and cannot be returned.

If the buyer utilizes the right of withdrawal, the company is not obligated to restore conditions resulting from installation/uninstallation. Public customers and Business customers have no right of withdrawal. The return policy applies exclusively to purchases via the NaviBlind App.

Consequential Damages

NaviBlind ApS cannot be held liable for any consequential damages that result from products/services, including accessories, etc., not functioning as intended.


All discrepancies between the buyer and the seller, which the parties cannot resolve among themselves, will be referred to the appropriate authority to settle the dispute.



Faults and defects must be reported as soon as they are discovered / should have been discovered by the buyer. Thereafter, contact NaviBlind ApS to ensure the best possible solution. Faults and defects are most effectively reported by phone to the company to avoid unnecessary submissions for repair.

Your warranty expires if repairs are carried out by others than NaviBlind ApS. Self-repair on products under 2 (two) years is thus only a solution if full and written acceptance is given by the company. Without acceptance, the warranty on the entire product expires.

If the product is within the warranty period, the company may cover shipping costs in Denmark for submission for repair if the submission is done using a method agreed upon in advance. Please contact us about this before a product is submitted for repair during the warranty period. All claims are sent to or delivered at the address:

NaviBlind ApS
Frøslevvej 64
2610 Rødovre.

Batteries: The lifespan of batteries is highly dependent on correct use, and batteries are considered a consumable item and are therefore not covered by the warranty. Please be aware of the specific measures for your product. You can find the correct use of batteries in the user manual accompanying your product or seek advice from the company.

Cables: The lifespan of cables is highly dependent on correct use, and cables are considered a consumable item and are therefore not covered by the warranty. Please be aware of the specific measures for your product. You can find the correct use of cables by seeking advice from the company.