Helps blind people walk to any destination with ease

How it works

NaviBlind allows blind or visually impaired users to walk to new destinations on their own, without prior instructions. The app works by delivering navigation messages with better than one-meter accuracy.

Route guidance

Stay on the route, always.
NaviBlind's app will help you to:
Turn, exactly where the sidewalk turns,Stop, exactly where pedestrian crossing or other obstacles are,Adjust your heading towards the direction of the route.

The perfect route

All routes created by NaviBlind are designed to avoid obstacles such as road construction or newly build structures, so that the route may easily be navigated by blind and visually impaired people. The high quality of the routes is ensured by using updated satellite images of the very best resolution.

How to use the app

1. The user submits a request for a walking route from A to B


2. Within 24 hours the route request is processed and the route is shared with the user


3. The user may now select the route and get instructions on how to walk from A to B

GPS accessory

To use the NaviBlind app, the user turns on the GPS accessory. The app connects to the GPS accessory, which ensures that navigation messages are delivered within one-meter of accuracy.

Using the GPS accessory

The GPS accessory is worn in a hat while in use, so that it may be hidden while producing robust location data.

The app library

Access all of your personal routes and publicly available routes in the NaviBlind app. Simply select a route and follow the instructions to walk safely from A to B. You can also share your routes with your friends.

Feedback from testers

Lasse Stalk Tønnesen, blind: “This is exactly what we need.

Emil Buus, blind: “The product is brilliant – I believe I can safely rely on NaviBlind to get around outdoors.

Gustav Koch Rasmussen, visually impaired: “I've tried many other apps and aids. This product is clearly the best there is.

NaviBlind is supported by

EIT Health
Otto Bruuns Fund
Danish institute for the blind and visually impaired
Innovation Fund Denmark
Synoptik Fund
The Danish blind fund

Meet the team

Jonathan Sonne Andersen, CEO

Per Friis, CTO

Anders Borum, Senior iOS Developer

Advisory board

Lizanne Svane, CEO Tubus Tech.

Mathias Bohn, Consultant McKinsey

PhD Garrett Seepersad, Navigation Engineer

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