Self-Help Navigation
NaviBlind is an aid that allows the blind and visually impaired to move independently to any outdoor destination without the need for prior training.
How to use NaviBlind
For a new Guide
Step 1
Request a new route by
  • Sending an email to
  • Sending a text message to support phone
  • calling support phone, leave a message if it is not taken
Step 2
Guide is designed

one of NaviBlind's Guide designers, draws the new route and inserts guide points on the route

Step 3
NaviBlind app notifies you

As soon as the Guide Designer is done with the Guide, it is sent to you, and you will be notified via the phone

Walk with NaviBlind
Once a guide is designed and sent to the user, it will be available and can always be reused as long as the subscription is active
Step 4
Take the NaviCap and turn it on

NaviCap is a cap that contains a high-precision GPS device

NaviCap connects wirelessly to the NaviBlind app via Bluetooth

Step 5
NaviBlind app provides instructions

NaviBlind guides you through the route meter by meter.

It tells you where to turn, stop, and much more!

Step 6
NaviBlind guides to the door

NaviBlind and the very precise gps, guides you right to the door

Arrive Independently and Safely

NaviBlind increases safety in traffic as the app ensures to keep the user within pedestrian areas such as sidewalks and crosswalks.

We call it 'the virtual guiding line'.


NaviBlind can be used to navigate to all the places you wish to visit. For example, it could be a trip to the local park, a visit to a friend, or other spontaneous activities.

In all cases, NaviBlind guides the user with high safety and right to the door.


Most people who try NaviBlind can complete routes on their first attempt.

See if you too can benefit from this aid.

Try NaviBlind
Stylish Direction

Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, NaviCap effortlessly blends technological innovation with modern fashion.

The discreet GPS unit is perfectly integrated into the cap, allowing you to enjoy its benefits without compromising your style.

GPS in the Hat
GPS Unit Designed with Accessibility as a Guide."

Touch button to turn on and off.
The GPS turns off by itself when not in use.

Turn on the GPS, and the app connects automatically.
Charger with USB-C standard charging, the plug cannot be inserted incorrectly
Cap of exquisite quality
Looks like any other cap, only with a small black pocket at the back
Contains a flat GPS antenna that is not visible
No loose or visible cables.
Is water-resistant
Routes of the Highest Quality
Routes are based on 'mobility instructions' and suit most needs
The routes avoid major obstacles.
The routes' safety is ensured by using updated satellite images with the industry's highest resolution
Routes are based on 'mobility instructions' and suit most needs
Developed with help from among others
Dansk Blindesamfund Instituttet for Blinde og Svagsynede EIT Health
ESA Business Incubation Center Denmark U-Blox
Tested by more than 50 blind and visually impaired individuals
Listen to recordings from the testing of NaviBlind

The Corner of the Eye with Sofie Monggaard (in Danish)


DBSU News with Nicklas and Mohammed (in Danish)


Test Walk with Henrik Olsen (in Danish)

Excerpts from User Experiences with NaviBlind
Sofie Monggaard
Sofie Monggaard, blind
I don't mind wearing a hat considering how much value NaviBlind brings me.
Emil Buus
Emil Buus, blind
I feel completely safe using NaviBlind to navigate the streets
Mohammed Alsaadi
Mohammed Alsaadi, blind
It's almost impossible to go wrong with NaviBlind. It corrects me as soon as I deviate from the route